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Walsh-Podiatry-Birmingham-gait-assessmentGait assessment is just that, an assessment of your gait.  So why is this helpful?  A Podiatrist who specialises in gait assessment and biomechanics will spot any issues with your gait and use his experience to help you avoid getting foot or leg problems or to treat any conditions you already have.

Our feet all function in a very individual way according to the foot structure and the joint movement.  Therefore to have an individual assessment makes sense.  Many running shops offer brief assessment for running shoes from shop assistants.  They often will refer on to a Podiatrist for a gait assessment if there are symptoms or if an expert eye is needed.

Runners in particular maybe prone to injury due to the nature of the sport.  If injury’s are occurring in a similar pattern then a gait assessment would be recommended.

Here at Walsh Podiatry I (Dean Walsh) specialise in gait assessment and biomechanics.  I go through how you function and record your gait for analysis with video, using quintic gait analysis software.  The high speed video capture process allows me to slow the video right down to analyse your gait in high detail.  The video also forms an essential reference tool for future assessment and comparisons year on year.

The gait assessment is only part of the biomechanical assessment.  The rest of the process revolves around trying to find out why the feet and legs are functioning in a certain way during gait.  I look at joint range of motion, hips, knees ankle, and feet.  When I put this all together I get a picture of how someone functions and then see the areas of concern and formulate a treatment plan to get these areas functioning better again.  The treatments are

  • Stretching
  • Footwear advice
  • Foot Mobilisation Therapy
  • Insole / orthotic provision.
  • monitoring.

Book in now for you Biomechanical assessment.  0121 749 6313

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