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Heel Pain

Heel pain can be due to various things. The most common type is called Plantar fasciitis, however bursitis and tendonitis are among others.


It is a good idea to have an assessment to see the cause and go through our 6 step treatment program. Click here to download this 6 Step treatment program.


The plantar fascia is a connective tissue under the foot which inserts into the heel bone and when the foot isn’t functioning well it can pull too hard into the heel bone and set up inflammation.

This causes the often experienced symptom of pain after resting.

biomechanical assessment is often advised to firstly assess the foot and leg function and then prescription of simple insoles or even custom made orthotics will help the function improve and thus reduce the pain. The diagram shows the plantar fascia underneath the foot, which becomes stretched and pulls where it inserts into the heel.  Click here for more information on a biomechanical assessment.


If you simply want to try something for yourself without the assessment then there are products which normally help this condition. I would advise that if you do try any products and these dont work then book in for a biomechanical assessment.  (see below for p[roducts that have proved to be effective against heel pain).


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