Below is a list of the types of appointments we offer at the practice.  If you are unsure which appointment you require please have a look at our FAQ page.   Alternatively contact us and explain your problem and the receptionist will book you in for the most appropriate treatment.

Routine treatment

New Patient Routine Treatment £42 (1st appointment only) then £32 per appointment.

Professional nail care, corn and callous removal to make your feet feel comfortable, light and make walking so much easier. Routine foot care from our experienced Podiatrists ensures your feet keep comfortable and keep you walking without discomfort.   
On your initial appointment you will be asked for details of your medication and health history.  Your circulation will be assessed and the issue you have with your feet / legs will be assessed to ensure the best way to help you.  
Sometimes we may recommend a biomechanical assessment later on to help your feet function better.  

Nail surgery

In-growing toenail can be a very painful issue which needs sorted quickly and efficiently.   Click here for more information.  A simple procedure under local anaesthetic to cure your ingrowing toenail and prevent its re-occurrence. Sometimes this type of treatment isn’t necessary and we can expertly remove the issue without surgery and in which case the cost would be as for a routine treatment. FROM £180

Biomechanical Assessment

We assess your foot and leg function via video gait analysis on treadmill with software analysis. Then offer treatment via exercise, manipulation and insoles / orthotics. Click here for more details. FROM £60

LCN Nail reconstruction

  • One Nail £65
  • Two nails £100
  • each nail after £5

Lacuna Method™ for fungal nail treatment

  • £40 for 1 nail
  • £80 for 2 nails
  • £100 for 3 or more nails

Often a course of treatment is recommended which can be discussed on your initial appointment.

Please note not everyone is suitable for this treatment and for your first appointment we would need to do an assessment of your general  medical condition and a vascular / neurological assessment. Therefore your appointment would be longer initially and an extra charge of £10 would apply.

Foot Mobilisation Therapy

3 week course £130 or £24 per treatment
A six week course with a three week review of foot mobilisations.  

Steroid Injection Treatment

This can be a great way to settle inflammatory joints and soft tissue down.  Often this is used in conjunction with Local anaesthetics.  From £130

Liquid Nitrogen treatment

Liquid nitrogen treatment or cryotherapy is an effective way of treating warts (verrucas). FROM £32

Verrucae Acid Treatment

This is treating a verruca with acids to destroy the verruca tissue.  FROM £25

Home Visits

£50 (1st appointment only) then £40
We offer Podiatry treatment in your own home for house bound patients.