Biomechanical problems

Many of us will suffer from a biomechanical issue at some point in our lives.  As we walk or run our bodies function in varying amounts of efficiency.  When our feet and joints in our ankles and legs are functioning less efficient it can lead to us getting symptoms which can be re-occurring and stop us preforming at our best or even stop us completely.  Among the most common symptoms we complain of are;

  • Foot Ache and pain
  • Back pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Calf Pain
  • Shin Pain
  • Heel Pain
  • Ball of foot Pain
  • Etc

How we can help

  • Specialist in Biomechanical assessment
  • Specialist in prescription of orthotics and functional insoles
  • Many years Experience in biomechanics?
  • Regularly treating runners and athletes
  • Working closely with local sports and running clubs
  • Constantly involved in continued professional development


Biomechanical assessment

I offer two types of assessment: (click here to download the Sports injury & Biomechanics information leaflet)

Mini Biomechanical assessment

Mini Biomechanical Assessment This is a 40 minute appointment where I assess gait, joint range of movement and dysfunction. This gives an overview of your gait and will highlight any issues to then be addressed. This assessment is useful if you have not seen a Podiatrist before and are not sure if treatment will help. You would need to bring a pair of shorts and at least two pairs of worn shoes.

Cost £60 for the assessment plus £20-£45 for the insoles depending on which are prescribed.

Full Biomechanical assessment

This and is a 1 hour assessment including video gait analysis intended for those more into their sport but unsure if they need orthotics or have never had insoles or orthotics before.

Cost £85

Full Biomechanical assessment casting and provision or orthotics?

This assessment takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. If you tried simple temporary insoles in the past or know you need orthotics, then orthotics are the next step. The orthotics produced are long term and usually help more than temporary devices. A video clip will usually be taken and analysed using Quintic digital gait software to ensure the most accurate prescription. Casts will be taken of your feet and sent with a prescription to the laboratory to produce the orthotics.

Cost £350 includes assessment, video analysis, casting, ORTHOTICS, and one follow up appointment.

Insoles / Temporary Devices

Often insoles can be seen over the counter at chemists or other shops, these are very general in nature provide an unprescribed amount of support. The insoles I dispense differ in the sense they are prescribed based on what the assessment reveals. They are not simply off the shelf and therefore more likely to help. They are usually issued following an initial biomechanical assessment to correct foot function. They are temporary and therefore will need replacing. However if they have helped it is often wise to consider orthotics for the future.  When functional insole help, custom foot orthotics usually help more!


Custom orthotics are built specifically for you from casts of your feet. They control and stabilise your foot and leg position, to improve your mechanics and reduce or cure symptoms. 

Quintic Gait analysis Software

Quintic digital gait analysis software captures digital video clips on computer and analyses them in a number of ways. Slowing down the video, pausing, splitting, angle finding, zooming in, digitising, synchronising two separate video's are amongst its qualities. Its function is to improve the accuracy of the prescription to you.  



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