Routine Chiropody / Podiatry Treatment is how your feet are made comfortable again.

The stresses and strains of modern day life on our feet often start to tell after some time. The shoes we have to wear all day can sometimes cause unwanted pressure and result in corns and callous. Also the hard surfaces we have to walk on can cause friction and pressure to our feet resulting again in corns and callous.

Uncomfortable toenails where the sides of the nail press into the skin can cause pain which makes walking very uncomfortable. Also fungal and thickened toenails make for uncomfortable feet which need some help.

Thankfully as Podiatrists we can help with all these issues and more.

At the end of the day it is your quality of life that is being affected and to put up with pain every day is just not fun and you don’t have to put up with it.

We will treat your nails, corns and callous and keep your feet in great shape. We will keep you walking pain free and maintain the comfortable feeling you should always experience when walking.

On your first appointment with us we will assess your feet for the circulation and sensation and take a general medical history so we can start to formulate a treatment plan to help. Part of your plan will be advice on various issues that will help your feet and then also on potential return visits and the frequency we may need to see you.

For all Diabetic patients we do an annual diabetic screening and do a formal report back to your GP for your medical records.

Appointment type

New Patient Routine appointment,
To include Registration, medical history, vascular and neurological assessment, treatment and advice.

Existing Patient Routine treatment
Includes general foot assessment, treatment and advice.

Diabetic foot screening
This is done annually on all diabetics, currently there is no charge for this service when it is done alongside a routine treatment