What are Corns?

What is a corn?  Walsh Podiatry Birmingham - black feet

A corn is formed by the skin when it is under pressure.  The skin firstly thickens up to try to protect itself against the increased pressure on it.  Once the skin thickens this actually creates more pressure on the area and the skin thickens up some more.  This process carries on until the thickened skin gets compressed down into a corn.  So a corn is really compressed hard skin.  They can be very painful as they press on the deep layers of the skin and nerves.

Why do I get corns?

This often happens over clawed toes as they rub on shoes or under prominent bones as the foot presses on the floor.  Clawed toes and prominent joints are often caused by arthritic changes occurring in the foot or functional problems.

Do they have roots?

Corns do NOT have roots.  They don’t grow from seeds like plants; it is just a pressure issue.

How can I treat them?

Always see a Podiatrist!

If a corn has built up and is hurting you may feel tempted to pick it or worse cut it yourself.  This is not advisable at all!!  To remove a corn is a specialised process and it is easy to cause yourself problems and issues by trying to do this.  You may also see corn treatments advertised in the chemists.  These are normally acid based products which burn the corn.  This again is NOT advised as the acid sometimes will cause infections and make the problem worse.  It is always advisable to consult a Podiatrist.  To have the treatment given safely by a professional who is properly qualified makes all the difference.

Will they come back?

A corn will often re-occur if the pressure is still in the same place.  The Podiatrist treating you should be able to give you the best advice for trying to keep the corns away for as long as possible.  If the pressure can be reduced enough over the area then the corn will not return.

If you are suffering with corns or painful feet please book in for a routine treatment Walsh Podiatry are well established in Castle Bromwich (opposite Aldi & Morrisons), and any one of the six Podiatrists will be able to help you.
Phone 0121 749 6313 to book an appointment.

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