Vionic Sandal 2017 range now in!

Vionic 2017 Sandal range now in!

The vionic range of sandals is excellent and recommended for walking during the warmer weather. The support and control the sole gives you helps align your feet and legs so that you can walk further without aches and pains. If you already use insoles or orthotics these compliment them very well, or if you sometimes get aches when wearing standard sandals then you should think about the vionic range to help.

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FREE Foot Checkups in February

FREE Foot Health Check Up for February Walsh Chiropody / Podiatry
When it comes to going to the dentist or the optician, most of us recognise the importance of regular check ups. But ask anyone if they go to a Podiatrist for a foot check-up and you’re likely to be met by a blank stare. It’s just not a part of our health itinerary, yet our feet are two of the most vital parts of our body and subjected to some of the most wear and tear.
An opportunity to change this is taking place during February, a Podiatry Practice in Castle Bromwich is offering       FREE !!!   FREE !!!  Foot check-ups in February!

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Injury Prevention – Calf Stretching

Injury Prevention – Calf StretchingWalsh Podiatry Birmingham - Measuring ankle dorsiflexion small

For many sports activities the one thing that you fear are injuries.   Anything that prevents you from doing your sport can be very frustrating.  Also it can have effects on your body which then mean further injury is more likely.

It’s an obvious thing but preventing injuries in the first place is SO important!

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