Injury Prevention – Spot the signs

Injury Prevention – spot the signs!Walsh Podiatry Birmingham - Injury prevention runner

For runners, walkers and anyone involved in activity spotting the signs that could lead to injury could be very helpful. To know when a pain is normal and when its not can mean the difference between continuing to do the activity or not.

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Flat is bad

Flat is bad!Walsh Podiatry Birmingham - flat is bad

Flat shoes are not always good for us, especially if worn for long periods.

There has been a recent fashion trend for flat shoes especially the very flat ‘Dolly’ type shoes or flip flops. This has been especially for girls and ladies, but also men in flat moulded sole trainers. The very flat nature of these shoes gives our feet a problem when we wear them for long periods. It is not uncommon for people to complain of arch strain or calf strain amongst other problems after wearing this type of shoe for a length of time.

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Injury Prevention – Calf Stretching

Injury Prevention – Calf StretchingWalsh Podiatry Birmingham - Measuring ankle dorsiflexion small

For many sports activities the one thing that you fear are injuries.   Anything that prevents you from doing your sport can be very frustrating.  Also it can have effects on your body which then mean further injury is more likely.

It’s an obvious thing but preventing injuries in the first place is SO important!

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