What are Corns?

What is a corn?  Walsh Podiatry Birmingham - black feet

A corn is formed by the skin when it is under pressure.  The skin firstly thickens up to try to protect itself against the increased pressure on it.  Once the skin thickens this actually creates more pressure on the area and the skin thickens up some more.  This process carries on until the thickened skin gets compressed down into a corn.  So a corn is really compressed hard skin.  They can be very painful as they press on the deep layers of the skin and nerves.

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FREE Foot Checkups in February

FREE Foot Health Check Up for February Walsh Chiropody / Podiatry
When it comes to going to the dentist or the optician, most of us recognise the importance of regular check ups. But ask anyone if they go to a Podiatrist for a foot check-up and you’re likely to be met by a blank stare. It’s just not a part of our health itinerary, yet our feet are two of the most vital parts of our body and subjected to some of the most wear and tear.
An opportunity to change this is taking place during February, a Podiatry Practice in Castle Bromwich is offering       FREE !!!   FREE !!!  Foot check-ups in February!

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Gait / Biomechanical Assessment

Walsh-Podiatry-Birmingham-gait-assessmentGait assessment is just that, an assessment of your gait.  So why is this helpful?  A Podiatrist who specialises in gait assessment and biomechanics will spot any issues with your gait and use his experience to help you avoid getting foot or leg problems or to treat any conditions you already have.

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Walsh Podiatry Birmingham Snow Shoe



Yes that’s right, if you haven’t realised yet winter is on its way, if not already here!  The days are getting shorter and the temperature is getting colder.  No doubt we are all thinking about putting our heating on if we haven’t already!

The winter can also be a bad time for our feet.  Many people suffer during the cold months with very cold feet and chilblains.  These are extremely painful lesions which occur anywhere on our feet and some people get them on their hands.  They are often red and itchy and painful at night especially.  Strangely they often feel hot and people think they need to cool them down.

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